With over one hundred and sixty years of combined experience we have dedicated experts across all fields, but our passion and dedication remain strong.  Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots.


"I have always received good service from Avon Engineering Services, timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner."  Rick,  Project Engineer.

"We consider the Avon Engineering Services Ltd. team a development partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations."  Blake,  Senior Development Engineer.

"Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work!" Stephen, Purchasing Manager.

About Us

We are reliable professionals with over 160 years of experience working in safety critical industries including Air, Sea and Rail. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


What ever your needs we can provide it,  from a simple machined part from a sketch through to designing complex assemblies,  with our experienced staff you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right 1st time.

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